The products offered by us can be in demand and become popular among students. It is very important that their use does not require changes of construction of existing binder. It is also very important that the use of our binder holders allows carrying binder without hands, including by bicycle.

We are looking for business partners, who would see their interest in cooperation in the following directions:
1. Production of offered products.
2. Sale of finished products.

At present we already produce and sell binder holders through our account on eBay: These sales however have a small-scale retail character, as we have no appropriate production capacities and partners in a distribution network. Our goal is to increase the quality and sales of our products.

In spite of the simple design and feasibility of the offered products, the qualitative production requires modern work studies and special manufacturing equipment. We don’t have such capacities and need professional industrial support.

We are ready to finance the production of about 1 thousand products, but only if a chain store, which agrees to sell these products, is offered to us.

We are also ready to transfer copyright to production and sale of products in any country. We can also discuss an issue of joint patenting in another country.

We are sure that eventually our appliances will become very popular. Let’s cooperate!

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